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Juniper aids our non-profit, state, and federal partners looking to improve the health of our water resources. Our unique perspective is built on a diverse collection of experts that specialize in water quality and quantity, river recreation planning, stream restoration and ecology, and aquatic nuisance species management.

Water Resources

Our experts have conducted and supported investigations, remedial designs (RDs), remedial actions (RAs), long-term monitoring, and long-term operations under CERCLA, RCRA and other environmental regulations for industrial clients and federal government agencies such as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC), United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), and others.

Remediation Services

Juniper is committed to preserving, conserving, and enhancing the natural environments that our people and clients live and work in.  We accomplish this through conscientious environmental permitting and compliance, science-led surveys and studies, and ecologically balanced restoration designs. Our services include Federal, state, and local permitting strategies; NEPA Documentation; ESA and other surveys and studies; mitigation plans and designs; natural resource planning and management; air quality; spill prevention control and prevention; and ecosystem restoration planning and design.

Ecological Services

Juniper combines the best geospatial professionals with the latest technologies to deliver excellent services to our clients. Whether your need is data design, data collection and has been commended for it.

Juniper lightens the load for clients by acting in a procurement and oversight role for those needing field services such as surveying, geotechnical drilling, ecosystem restoration implementation, and similar services.  We also create site-specific, detailed Health and Safety

Plans for all field services work.

Geospatial Services

Field Services

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