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Juniper produced a feasibility study to investigate the use of sound to deter big-headed carp migration up the Kansas River.

The services were performed for the State of Kansas, Department of Wildlife and Parks.

Services Provided:
• Conducted site visits, stakeholder meetings, and expert interviews to gain a clear understanding of the science and potential impacts of this technology.
• Produced a literature review and feasibility study that evaluated multiple strategies to discourage invasive fish migration.
• Developed two scenarios for acoustic deterrent systems to be installed on a low head dam in Lawrence, Kansas. Each scenario utilized a developed flow model that provided estimated annual operating hours on the deterrent system.
• Provided cost estimates and levels of protection against big-headed carp migration for each scenario.
• Developed educational materials for mass distribution.

Tasks and Oversight Included:
• Lead multiple stakeholder meetings with government officials, members of the scientific community, and river users.
• Produced a permitting matrix that detailed when certain permits may be required, and associated agency contact information.
• Produced a feasibility report that contained information on many types of deterrent strategies, reasoning for recommending acoustic deterrents, detailed equipment specifications, cost estimates, and suggested operating windows based on USGS stream gage data and developed flow models.

Bowersock dam, acoustic deterrent system, feasability study State of Kansas


Bowersock dam, acoustic deterrent system, feasability study  State of Kansas
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