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Juniper provided procurement and coordination of tasks related to design schedule for planned electrical substation improvements in Missouri and Kansas for Evergy Energy. Juniper enhanced file management and communication processes.

The services were performed for Olsson, Power Delivery.

Services Provided:
• Provided guidance on improving the understanding and characterization of sites with planned design work.
• Managed site visit requests and deliverable schedules between Evergy, Olsson, and subcontractors.
• Developed and maintained file management system.
• Assisted in planning efforts for long-term schedules.

Tasks and Oversight Included:
• Participation in planning sessions to coordinate site-specific needs with designers, geotechnical engineers, utility locators, and Evergy.
• Development and maintenance of tracking system that informed the design team of scheduled work, planned site visits, and project progress.
• Management of contracts and deliverables related to geotechnical, surveying, and safety plans.

Evergy Energy Program Management 
Kansas and Missouri

2021 - Present

Evergy Energy Program Management 
Kansas and Missouri
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