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The City of Shepherdsville requested a Planning Assistance to States project to develop a master plan for guiding future development of Shepherdsville Park located on the Salt River. Located within 1 mile of downtown Shepherdsville, KY, the park is a verdant open space connecting residential and urban areas to the Salt River; home to a rich ecosystem providing habitat to a multitude of riverine species. The site has great potential for developing recreational activities, habitat conservation and enhancement, and connecting people with the river.

The overarching goals associated with this task order are to evaluate the existing site conditions, conduct a rigorous community meeting process, and develop a vision and recommendations for improving access to the City’s most important natural resource – the Salt River. The MCFA | Etegra Joint Venture was tasked with creating the Master Plan that captures the existing state of the study area and provides recommendations for the future. The effort was cumulative in nature and culminated in the delivery of a final master plan and written report.

The Joint Venture team performed an evaluation of existing site conditions and programmatic use of Shepherdsville Park and Salt River waterfront. Base maps and diagrams were created capturing existing conditions and surrounding environs. The team prepared and lead three public meetings to present the work and gather feedback. Feedback and alternatives were used to create one final site plan and accompanying ROM cost estimate in the form of a written report with supporting graphics and photographs.

The Final Plan included:
• Recommendations for programmatic elements and their locations, such as trails, parking areas, recreational amenities
• Recommendations for aquatic recreation access points
• Recommendation of updates to existing amenities such as play equipment, sports facilities, benches, and parking
• Early-action park improvement projects and maintenance and operation priorities
• Recommendations for improved pedestrian and bicycle access points to nearby neighborhoods, parks, schools, and other community facilities
• Evaluation of landscape and recommendations on conservation, ecological restoration, or planting strategies that support a healthy ecosystem (i.e. pollinator friendly plantings)
• Assessment of flooding impacts on future use and design
• Connectivity studies with similar nearby facilities
• Analysis of existing environmental education opportunities at the park, review of regional environmental education precedents, and recommendations for future environmental education uses in the park.

Shepherdsville Park Environmental Education Inventory louisville, Kentucky

2019-2020 -
Project Value: $25,353.00

Shepherdsville Park Environmental Education Inventory louisville, Kentucky
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